Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Remove virus&browser hijacker is a malicious browser hijacker that comes to your computer and then changes your homepage and other setting of your browser. It is bundled with third party program and spread over the Internet. If you have download those malicious programs from unknown resource and install them, it is very easy to be caught by is a stubborn virus that even antivirus programs can not remove it. It cannot only
change your homepage and default search engine, it also does other evil things with your computer. Displaying ads is the main the purpose if this threat, because hacker can gain a great deal of money from it. It seems like a website that you can search something, but the results it offers will lead you to the websites that are full of ads and other malicious stuff. When you try to change it back and remove from your computer, it sooner comes back and still stay in your computer. If you use your infected browser to collect E-mails and other information, or log into your accounts, will automatically record your online activity and then send your info back to hacker who next will hack into your accounts very soon. So should be removed from your computer immediately before it makes damage to your computer. If you do not familiar with the removal process, please refer to our removal instructions or do not hesitate to talk with our experts if you run into any difficulty.

How to remove --removal guide

Step 1: Restart your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
Hit F8 constantly when you restart your computer and then choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2:Enter the following registry values and change their values:
Hit Win + R and then type regedit in the registry and hit Enter.

Go to the following registry values and change the values of "Start-up Page" and "Default Search Page":
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main
HKEY_Local_Machine/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main
Delete the following registry values:

Step 3:clean junk files:

Step 4: Change your homepage(take Firefox as an example):
Click Tools->Options. Under the General tab, fill in the homepage you want in the box.

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